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A new scientific research

A new scientific research by Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) College of Pharmacy is published on the pages of Scopas and Clarivate International containers.
Al-Razi Foundation for Medical and Clinical Sciences, which is classified within the Scopas and Clarivate containers and located in the third quarter (Q3), has published a new scientific research, the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) (Dr. Aziz Hussein Jassim) entitled:
Osteoprotegerin, Parathyroid Hormone and Vitamin D as Effective Factors on Serum-Urine Calcium Levels in Breast Cancer Patients.
The research dealt with the measurement of the concentration of osteoproteotropin, parathyroid hormone and vitamin D as factors affecting the calcium level of breast cancer patients and four groups under study.
The results showed that osteo progestin and parathyroid hormone are close clinical indicators for early detection of breast cancer, while vitamin D is one of the protective factors against the aforementioned disease, as it was proven in the study that there is a clear decrease in the level of vitamin D for all women, thus it is advised to maintain its level in the body as well as avoid Osteoporosis, hair loss, and general weakness of the patient in the event of its decline.
“Just a little distance away from the journey of excellence and success”
In the first academic project of the achievement of women in Iraq.

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