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A professor from Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) was invited to a supervise and participate as a member of the discussion committee at “Dhi Qar University”

Prof. Dr. Hamid Yacoub Nehme ,lecturer at the College of Education – Department of Arabic Language at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her),participated as a member and supervisor in the discussion committee for the doctoral thesis of a PhD candidate (Tabarak Ali) titled (The Iraqi theatre from 1967-2021), associated with the Faculty of Arts( literature) – University of Thi Qar .The discussion was carried out in the main auditorium of the university ‘Qa’atul Maarefah’, on Monday 12/19/2022.
The discussion committee consisted of the following professors: (Professor Dr. Ahmed Hayal (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Bushra Hanoun(member), Prof. Dr. Salam Mahdi (member), Prof. Dr. Muslim Huni (member), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jassim (member) Prof. Dr. Hamid Yacoub Naima (member and supervisor).The dissertation underwent an extensive scientific discussion and thorough analysis and was highly appreciated and was granted good grades in the field of modern literature and criticism.

It is noteworthy and indeed a matter of pride that many of the professors from the prestigious Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her)for women are chosen as supervisors, presidents or members of the postgraduate theses discussion committees manifesting their scientific competence.

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