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Academic Development Program

A. Academic Advising
The ultimate mission of the university, emanating from its future vision, includes seeking to create an environment that has a qualitative addition to what is available in the educational reality, in a way that distinguishes the university at the local, regional and international levels. This addition lies in focusing on improving the status of female students at the (scientific, educational, cognitive and cultural levels, and various other levels).

B. Risk management program.
Activating the risk management program is one of the basics of quality in aspiring institutions that adopt growth and keep pace with development in line with the interim goals agreed upon in the university’s strategic plan. This is achieved by monitoring risks of all kinds that may be faced by academic work progress.

C. Health insurance program:
Because the health of the individual is one of the most important priorities, the faculties at the university imposed a unique medical reality by adopting strategic projects that focus on gender in the health and medical service by creating a number of medical departments with different specializations aimed at filling the shortage in the market need of women cadres, especially in the medical field.
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