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An Alawea Idea: A Competition launched by the festival (Between Tahajjud and Worship)

Within the activities of the festival (Between Tahajjud and Worship), which it is held by the Department of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance at Al-Zahraa University for Women in cooperation with the Department of Student Activities and the Department of Continuing Education, a competition (Alawea idea) has been launched. The competition includes three questions about Imam Ali (PBUH), in which they were answered by a special barcode, noting that there are prizes for the winners. The answers will be received from Sunday corresponding to 4/9/2023 until Monday 4/10/2023.The competition was published by a link in the totals for each section.
It is worth noting that the festival will be held at Umm Abeha Hall on Thursday corresponding to 11/4/2023, at exactly 9:30 am.

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