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Dean’s speech

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the best of all His creation, Muhammad, and upon his pure, infallible household.

Whoever is accepted into the College of Education at Al-Zahra University for Women, she will spend fruitful and enjoyable scientific times at the same time. The hard work by the college staff is enjoyable for them because it stems from good intention and love for this work. And therefore, the faculty members of our college are in an increasing work that generates more production. Faculty professors provide our dear students with curricula that include the most recent information and experiences among their counterparts in the countries of the world. In addition, they inculcate the values, principles and morals of our Lady Al-Zahraa to be part of their personalities and morals.

Students want to apply to our college because of its scientific development and modern curricula, in addition to the outstanding infrastructure. And we are ready to help you become the best teacher of Mathematics, a successful principal of a high school, or a successful teacher of Arabic or English sciences. In addition to preparing, you well for admission to postgraduate studies. The Deanship of the College of Education at Al-Zahraa University  for Women is proud that the university bears the name and values of Al-Zahraa. And she confirms that faculty members, female employees and students are the beating heart of the college and we always look forward to presenting what is modern in the light of current technology.

I wish you all success.

Prof. Dr. Iman Samir Bahia

Dean of the College of Education

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