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Department for Legal Affairs

Department vision:

Department of Legal Affairs seeks to proceed according to an effective administration legal system that enhances integrity and transparency. It also establishes a law culture among the employees of the university by respecting the rights and duties which they have in accordance with the laws and instructions issued that is appropriate the Iraqi law in force. The department aims to represent the university in all internal and external lawsuits in the front of the courts, departments, and institutions within the functional specialization.


The Department of Legal Affairs at Al-Zahraa University for Women aims to achieve its vision and mission by the following objectives:

1-Representing the university legally in the front of the official and semi-official departments and the competent courts.

2-Spreading the legal culture among university staff and female students by holding legal seminars and workshops.
3-Contribute to solve the problems and obstacles that faces the colleges and scientific and administrative departments at the university

4-Creating legal links between the university and the country institutions by participating of conferences, symposiums and training courses.

5-Providing the university with the necessary proposals for its work as work regulations to be relied on and preparing legal studies.

6-Giving legal advice in everything related to legal, administrative and financial issues at the university in accordance with laws and instructions in force.

7-Consider and decide on all preliminary and discriminatory investigative committees which it related to the rights of the university and its staff.
8-Organizing everything that related to functional contracts and gurantees for teaching and administrative university staff.

Department message

The Department of Legal Affairs seeks to organizied and follow up the legal matters of the university in terms of organizing and concluding contracts for teaching and administrative staff and undertaking. It also seeks to provide proposals and legal advice, in a way that contributes to establish strong legal foundations that preserve the university identity as well as finding a work mechanism in order to provide a vision that limits the phenomenon of differing opinions and jurisprudence.

Section divisions

1-Division of Law and Litigation.
2-Division of Property and University Accommodation.
3 - Division of Contracts and Guarantees.
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