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Department of Student Activities

Welcome to the department of Student Activities

An introduction to the Student Activities Department

After the establishment of Al-Zahraa University in 2019, there was a need to nurture the talents of students and to take advantage of their free time to reveal their talents and develop and refine their personalities regarding artistic, sports, creative and cultural terms. The department was named the Student Activities Department in accordance with the Ministerial Book No. (327) on 2-2-2015.
The Student Activities Department includes several Postgraduate degree holders, as well as several Bachelor's degree holders with different specializations.
According to the Ministry's classification, the department includes a group of divisions (Sports Activities Division - Artistic Activities Division - Scout Activities Division).
The Student Activities Department at Al-Zahraa University had an effective role in accomplishing many of the achievements and qualifications that the students aspired to at the university, such as building good relationships with others through the establishment of various activities to highlight artistic talents and create plastic drawings As well as the Scouts, which is a newly developed division, which is the first of its kind in building the personality of the students to depend on themselves by setting up scout camps in cooperation with the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain where scout camps will be held during the public holidays for the students in order to develop the department and reach what we aspire to through direct communication with them and immersion in their personalities, ideas and ambitions, and developing these ideas for the public interest.

Word of the head of the department

The department's vision emerges through the development and growth of students' skills in various artistic, cultural and intellectual fields. It empowers the students to interact and work effectively in development courses, technical and monthly competitions, art festivals, Quran memorization courses and Quranic competitions. In order to employ the skills and energies of the students on a well-studied scientific basis and to provide opportunities for them to practice their hobbies and highlight their areas of creativity and excellence in various fields to build a society that includes female students and, in the future, mothers with well-thought-out and scientific programming experiences in various fields.

Vision of the department

The contemporary cultural and intellectual awareness related to the skills of student activities gives an impression based on the standard of educational institutions. It refers to a qualitative shift in the structure of building the student's personality, as institutions associated with higher education and scientific research are no longer a compass limited to classrooms only. Rather, it has taken the responsibly for the purposeful pursuit of developing and refining the student’s mental and intellectual structure to build strong generations of all intellectual, cultural and spiritual aspirations. After the increase in university outputs in terms of the number of graduates in various scientific and humanitarian disciplines, the labor market is waiting for institutions of higher education and scientific research that doesn’t only exceed the ambition of the academic degree, but it needs something higher and more constructive and impactful which is to refine the student’s personality. From this vital platform, Al-Zahraa University for women, headed by Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, seeks to create all opportunities for its students to practice all purposeful activities and provide real opportunities on the ground to train and prepare these students in a respectable manner that befits a prosperous future rich in the aspirations of the students to acquire various social skills., where these goals have been embodied on the ground through cultural skills and art exhibitions as well as educational courses. The activities section also seeks to spread the spirit of volunteerism and teamwork among the students through the charitable works adopted by this section to take the pioneering character in the community and spread the determined cultural character adopted by this educational institution through the activities section.

Activities of the department

1- Contributing to celebrations and occasions, for example, the acquaintance ceremony, the University Day, the births and deaths of the pure imams...etc.
2- Community service activities: Visiting the students of the Technology Department to the Warith International Foundation for Cancerous Oncology, volunteer work.
3- Quranic activities, competition for memorizing Surah (Ya-Seen) and participating in the fifth Ministry’s curriculum Quranic competition that will be held on Saturday 19/2 with the participation of a number of public and private universities.
4- Providing a special place for Quranic competitions in cooperation with the House of the Noble Quran at the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain
5- Technical activities
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