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Electronic extortion and drug abuse: A dialogue symposium held by Al-Zahraa University for Women

Under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Holy Husayni Shrine and under the supervision of the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women , the Student Activities Department, in cooperation with the Women’s Empowerment Division at the University and (Organization of Women for Justice), held an awareness seminar under the title (Electronic extortion and drug abuse), on Sunday corresponding to 4/16/2023, at Umm Abeha Hall. The Deputy Secretary-General of the Holy Al-Hussainiya Shrine, Mr. Dr. Alaa Ahmed Diaa Al-Din and the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women: Prof. Dr. Zainab Mulla Sultani.
The symposium was presented by: Legal Adviser( Zainab Ahmed Bilal ) Director of Women for Justice Organization, Colonel Eng. Ziyad Al-Kalkawi / Director of Technologies and Informatics Department / Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant Colonel Maytham Muhammad / Director of the Signals and Electronic Crime Division / Intelligence Agency, and Major Zulfiqar Qasim / Department Technologies and Informatics, Mr. Hussein Fadel / Community Police, and Mr. Abbas Fadel / Relations and Information Department of the Holy Karbala Police.
The symposium included an introduction to the nature of electronic crime, motives for committing it, its types and forms, tools of electronic crime , methods of combating electronic extortion and the punishment of the perpetrator of electronic crime in the law. In addition to demonstrating the importance of the UN Security Council Resolution that related to (Women, Peace and Security, No (1325). This resolution in which, the Iraqi national plan relies on the implementation of which three pillars: participation in decision-making, protection, and prevention.
It also clarified how to securely create an e-mail account and how dangerous fake accounts are and their legal consequences.
In conclusion, the door for interventions and dialogue with the attendees was opened, and certificates of thanks and appreciation were distributed to the guests.

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