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Final exams continue to be conducted in the College of Health and Medical Technologies

Within a sober scientific atmosphere and prepararation of high organization, the female students of College of Health and Medical Technology at Al-Zahraa University for Women performed the final exams for the academic year (2022/2023) . In this regard, the Dean of College of Health and Medical Technology, Dr. Hassan Al- Qazzaz said “Each year, there are a great preparation for final exams, in which, it included the beginning of achieving timetables for final exams according to the Ministry of Higher Education and its instructions. In addition to this , it needed to prepare an exam map ,preparing the halls and distributing female students to them . The procedures also included putting a suitable questions and answers , providing an exam notebooks for female students completely , preparing a supervisors in the halls and investigate notebooks correction it within an examination committee in complete confidentiality .

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