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Karbala Satellite Channels Group honors the President of Al-Zahra University for Women

The Karbala Satellite Channels Group honored the President of Al- Zahraa University for Women, Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, and the distinguished University Council with the Shield of Creativity in the field of joint cooperation, and in appreciation of the efforts made by the Presidency of the University .
The honoring was attended by Officer of Public Relations at Karbala Satellite Channels Group, Mr. Saif Al-Shati, as ֞representing the administration”, to the university headquarters, presenting the shield of honor to the President of the University Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, , and distinguished members of the Council.
For her part, the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women appreciated the initiative of the Karbala Satellite Channels Group in her kind gesture seeking to strengthen the bonds of joint cooperation between the two institutions (media and academic).

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