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Launching the application for the private university education administration

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the launch of the Private University Education Administration application and provides access to students and those interested to activate it on their mobile phones.
The application provides students with procedures for applying to private universities and colleges, amending or canceling forms, and then completing the registration process later any time.
Further the application consists of a follow-up feature which manages a consistent follow-up with students after completing the registration process and starting their studies, through the notifications,it provides notifications and news regarding their academic progress.
In this regard, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research reaffirms that the process of application, admission and registration in private universities and colleges takes place entirely through the electronic admission system (exclusively) and through the portal of the Department of Private University Education ( and its electronic application. For any procedure outside this system, whether by paying wages, reserving seats, purchasing vouchers, or paper acceptance will have no validity.
*To download the application:*
*(Apple devices):* Education/id6444340923
*(Android devices):*…
*(Direct download for devices where Google Play is not available):*
*Department of Relations and Media*
*Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research*
*November 11, 2022*
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