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Mobile Photography (Phoneography) : A skill based course held at Al-Zahra University for women

Based on the importance of photography in documenting daily events and their details, the Student Activities Department, in cooperation with the Department of Media and Public Relations and the Center for Continuing Education at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women, held a training course entitled (Photography by Mobile Phone) that lasted over a period of three consecutive days.

The course was presented by (Sarmad Al-Husseini) a professional photographer and digital designer on the first and second days, however the third day was continued by the photojournalist: (Mohammed Al-Sawaf).

The course included an introduction to photography, the importance of composition, lighting, photographic angles, and visual nutrition. On the third day, Al-Sawaf gave a lecture entitled (Narrating Memories and the Effect of Images: The Art and Importance of Photographs in Our Daily Lives). Artistic photographs were also displayed showing the importance of the different elements of photography.

Edited by: Ruqaya Muhammad

Translated by : Arwa Ahmed Husain

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