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The bounties of Ramadan extend to needy families in areas of Karbala within the imprint of Amal Al-Zahra volunteer program.

With the advent of the holy and blessed Nights of Ramadan , and in conjunction with an educational ideological program launched by Al-Zahra University, to revive the significance of the holy month, a voluntary act of charity was carried out by the students and members from teaching and administrative staff at the university by distributing Ramadan food baskets to number of families who were below the poverty line according to the survey done in different parts of the holy city of Karbala .The campaign, which was called “The Generosity Campaign” is a part of the “Imprint of Amal Al-Zahraa” program, which is organized by the Department of English at the College of Education, with a wide participation of female students as well.
It should be noted that the university maintains a number of student volunteer teams that seek to alleviate the suffering of some segments of society and to consolidate religious and humanitarian solidarity among the elements of society in general.

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