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The College of Education holds a memorial council for the spirit of the student Jihan’s son

The College of Education/Department of English Language at Al-Zahraa University for Women, in cooperation with the students of the second stage, held a memorial council for the soul of the student Jihan’s son, who passed away due to an accident. The memorial council was presented by a group of teaching and administrative staff as well as a group of female students, on Monday corresponging to 4/17/ 2023, on the hall of Umm Abeha.
The council opened with reading verses from the Holy Quran and reciting Surat Al-Fatiha on the soul of the deceased. The Head of the English Language Department, Dr. Wafaa Abbas, said a speech in which she mourned the student Jihan and concluded her speech by praying for mercy and forgiveness for the deceased.

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