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The Department for computers launches its new package regarding the electronic services.

The Department for computers at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women proudly launched a set of new software systems for the university, in the presence of the university council represented by its president, Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani and members of the council,the working of the effective and especially designed software systems that were activated at the Centre for computers located in the university were explained by the team consisting of Dr. Muhammad Fayez Abu Al-Maali, MD. Karrar Ibrahim, M.M. Ali Karim and programmer Hussein Fadel. They also provided details on the following systems that comprises of: Central archiving system: archiving books issued and received from and to the department according to the administrative structure of the university, with the possibility of adding margins to the book, conducting a conversation within each book, and providing a smooth search mechanism. • Hall Reservation System: facilitating the reservation of the university halls (auditoriums) like Umm Abha Hall and Continuing Education center Hall for presenting the latest seminars and workshops. • Student Data Management System: Smooth and simple student file management with student transfers for each academic year and updated options allowing and facilitating the search and export operations. • Educational process management system: A platform for managing the educational process by creating interactive exams and publishing study materials. • Telephone exchange directory: displaying phone numbers and emails for each department and division thereby facilitating communication. • Cloud services system: Provides all means of communication, uploading and storing of digital files. It is worth noting that the Department for computers seeks, through these services, to provide an infrastructure that contributes to the development and quality of the teaching, learning and evaluation process for both the teaching staff and the students.

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