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The Department of Arabic Language holds a workshop on the technique of storytelling in creating interesting and interactive lesson plans.

The College of Education/Department of Arabic Language at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women, in cooperation with the Department of Continuing Education, held a scientific workshop entitled: (Employing the storytelling technique for creating interactive lesson plans), presented by the teacher: Dr. Farah Baqer Ahmed Al-Fadli, on Monday and Tuesday corresponding to( 23 – 24/ 1/2023), at 10:30 am, in the hall of the Al-Kawthar Center for Continuing Education.
The workshop included introducing the types of story in teaching, namely: the motivational story, the educational story, and the illustrative story. Elements of the story, including place, time, event and characters, giving practical examples and telling meaningful and instructive stories.

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