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The department of English language organizes a special course targeting anxiety disorders and their impact on the practical and academic lives of the female students.

The Department of English Language / College of Education / Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women, organized a course entitled (Anxiety disorders and their impact on our practical and academic lives) as a result of academic pressure or stress. The course lasted for three days and was hosted at Al-Kawthar Hall in the university premises.The first day of the course was initiated by Dr. Wafaa Abbas,who presented the theoretical aspect, in which she reviewed the concept of anxiety, its types, and its negative and positive impact on female students, and further discussed the practical measures to fight against it. On the second and third day of the specialized course Dr. Ali Latif Al-Sultani (a professional psychiatrist) presented the practical methods that could be beneficial for dealing with anxiety among the students through the various therapies available, most common among them being the cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement and relaxation therapy, neurolinguistics programming and other available therapies for anxiety management. It is a huge initiative undertaken by the College of Education at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) to continue organizing courses in various fields, with the aim of uplifting the overall physical, mental and emotional well being of the female students while improving their scientific and intellectual level.

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