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“The educational guidance’’: A scientific workshop at Al-Zahraa University for Women.

In an effort to provide workers in the units and divisions of Educational Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department with the most important information that contributes of playing an effective role in dealing with students. The Department of Continuing Education at Al-Zahraa University for Women, in cooperation with Al-Kut University College held a scientific workshop entitled: “Educational Guidance” presented by : A . Dr. Abdul Hussein Ghanem Sakhi, on Saturday corresponding to 3/11/2023, on the rehab at the Al-Kawthar Center for Continuing Education.
The workshop dealt with important topics, including: The role of the counselor and the guide, his closeness and contact with the students, knowing the obstacles and problems they suffer from and seeking to solve them by monitoring negative phenomena and developing preventive programs in order to limit them and promote positive behavioral phenomena.
For this, it is necessary to read psychology in general and know its fields, branches, and the most important famous schools in it, as well as the role of the unconscious in formation the personality of the individual, and psychological disorders resulting from some needs that he cannot do or satisfy it, therefore, some behaviors appear on him, including anxiety and imbalance.
He also touched on the topic of defensive tricks, daydreaming, regression, reincarnation, justification, and others.

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