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The Holy Hussainiya Shrine provides modern buses for preparatory stage students

The Holy Husseyni Shrine announced the provision of a number of modern buses to transport female students that participated in the ministerial exams for the preparatory stage to and from the Al-Zahraa University Center for Women, in coordination with the Education Directorate in the holy Karbala Governorate.

This initiative comes within the endeavor of the Holy Hussainiya Shrine and Al-Zahraa University for Women on the one hand, and the Karbala Education Directorate on the other hand, in order to success the examination process and facilitate the arrival of female students to the examination center and vice versa.

It is noteworthy that the initiative of the Holy Hussainiya Shrine includes all examination centers in Karbala Governorate and for all students participating in the ministerial exams for the preparatory stage,in which, it started on Wednesday morning, corresponding to 6/21/2023, while the Holy Hussainiya Shrine provided approximately 30 modern buses that are available from six oclock in the morning until ten and thirty in the morning in order to transport female students for free according to a specific schedule.

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