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The two Holy Shrines : the Husseiniya and the Abbasid (A constant endeavor to educate and educate the women of society).

On the anniversary of martyrdom of the Commander of the Faithful, (PBUH) the Legal Custodian of the Abbasid Shrine for Women’s Affairs organized an Iftar banquet that brought together all the women leaders of the Husseiniya and Abbasid Holy Shrines, with the participation of the President of Al-Zahra University for Women, Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, for the purpose of unifying efforts and discussing ways to address the challenges facing women in society contemporary
This is based on the belief of the two holy shrines of the Husseini and Abbasid that the reform of society begins with women, which necessitates educating women, especially female students in the educational institutions of the two holy shrines, and developing their awareness and protecting them from attempts to empty their minds of religious, cultural and intellectual contents.
For her part, the virtuous educator, the Director of Al-Kafeel Schools, awarded the honorary shield of the al-Abbas’s (PBUH) Holy Shrine to the female Officials of the al-Hussain’s holy shrine, which was received on their behalf, the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women , Prof.Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani

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