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About the University

Al-Zahraa University for Women

This Iraqi university is a educational institute recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and in accordance with the ministerial order issued by the following No. (21890) for the year 2018

Views of the university

There is only one single view that we depend in everything we do; being unique in the process of learning, scientific research and serving the community.

Message of the university

Al-Zahraa University for Women contributes to formatting the personality of the ideal female student that goes in line with the mission of the General Secretariat of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, via making a positive change in the behavior of the students and
their orientations through developing the learning, educational and training activities in the framework of a clear strategy and an authentic Islamic orientation; all that go with the aim of excellence in learning and keeping up with the latest scientific and technological developments; To reach complete satisfaction of the educational scientific outputs.

Values of the university

  • Discipline and Etiquettes
  • Perfection
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Integration
  • Quality
  • Cooperation


Al-Zahraa University for Women aims at realizing its views and message through the following objectives:
1. Imprinting moral and religious ethics within the university staff members and students alike by activating
the necessary guidance and directing in addition to developing the cognitive, scientific, and practical abilities.
2. Strengthening the scientific status of the university among the academic and scientific community by
developing its educational system that includes the three components (teaching, curriculum, and student) in
order to achieve both the university’s vision and mission.
3. Improving the institutional capacity of the university by providing administrative and financial services that go in
accordance with the quality and efficiency standards.
4. Increasing the academic research balance by doing qualitative research to achieve the strategic objectives of the
5. Achieving scientific excellence to meet the research needs of the country that go in accordance with the academic
and institutional accreditation standards.
6. Advancing the scientific reality through qualifying and developing educational outcomes by following the latest
scientific programs and practical methods concerning teaching techniques.
7. Providing governmental institutions and scientific centers with qualified female researchers in the fields of health,
medical and educational sciences, that fit the requirements of the labor market.
8. Concentrating on developing the university’s academic staff members through training and research participation,
and opening up prospects for cooperating with educational institutions on local, regional and global levels.
9. Adopting the principle of blending local competence with foreign sobriety through concluding international
scientific agreements with solid universities.
10. Improving the capabilities of teaching staff and developing their skills in scientific research and innovation through
the provision of educational programs with high technology standards.
11. Strengthening the role of Al-Zahraa University for Women (ZUFW) in transferring knowledge, skills and health
culture for the purpose of serving the community.
12. Following up the university’s output of female students and supporting them in their post-graduation stage.

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