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Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division

Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division

The division was activated at Al-Zahraa University, according to university order No. (S.D.M./5230) on (10/2/2023) and is linked, according to the organizational structure, to the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs. The division focuses on the promotion of the personal and scientific skills of female graduates in order to qualify the within their specializations. Such qualification is meant to offer opportunities to the young graduates that will enable them compete among themselves as well as with their peers who are graduates of other faculties to obtain jobs according to a perspective that is based on experience, competence, and application.

Division vision

The Division envisions excellence as a fundamental trait for qualifying female students during their studies, as well as their employment after graduation, and following up with them while working to ensure scientific and value empowerment for distinguished female graduates in their professional careers.

Division message

Upgrading and enhancing scientific capabilities of female university students through workshops, courses, and continuous work to enable them to be qualified and fit to work in the public and private sectors.


1- Taking part in local and international workshops to draw benefits from experiences and to apply them on the ground.

2- Devising training programs for university female students to qualify and prepare them for the labor market through workshops – courses – exhibitions.

3- Collaborating with private and government companies to create and expand job opportunities for female graduates from the university.

4- Follow up on female students after their appointment at public and private sector institutions to assess the benefits from their academic specialization and experience.

5- Cooperating with specialists in the preparation and implementation of programs that benefit the service provided to the labor market and determining the extent of the need to keep pace with developments occurring in it.

6- Preparing training programs for female students and graduates in coordination and cooperation with public and private sector institutions so as to enable them to practically apply scientific and academic aspects of their study. Such application is intended to clearly evidence service provision to society in addition to augmenting experience.

7- Preparing female students for entry into the labor market and enabling them to gain problem-solving skills by boosting their self-confidence and promoting the spirit of innovation and creativity among them.

8- Following up on female graduates after their employment, indicating the strengths and weaknesses of their performance, and submitting periodic reports to their faculties suggesting amendments to the curricula to cater for the requirements of the labor market.

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