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Division for social causes

 Who are we?

Word of the head of the unit

Based on the academic scientific vision and the necessity of patriotism, we must set a framework for the concept of the university as an educational institution responsible for community service and public service programs, which is one of the responsibilities of the university. And that the term public service is parallel to the term community service, as it has no clear boundaries and its connotations have become dependent on the various areas of life through the establishment of programs and contents in the light of the criteria of the community’s needs and aspirations. Without this blessed service provided by universities, the universities would have become isolated from their societies. Emphasis must be placed on the role of the teaching staff in various disciplines to advance the real role of universities in society, otherwise the university will lose its pioneers who meet academic and social needs. In order for the university education to maintain its ability to solve the problems of society. As the work of the universities has become of increasing interest by integrating with these problems through developing plans based on research and applied work. We at Al-Zahraa University for women are proud of the efforts of the head of the university represented by the president of the university, Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, for the community services she provides on the medical, scientific, educational, counseling and humanitarian aspects. Where the Community Service Unit takes the responsibility of investing in the role of continuing education,applied research, dissemination of science and knowledge through courses and workshops offered to various community groups, in addition to counseling and social criticism, working to solve community problems, whether economic or social, and working earnestly within various targeted community activities.

Vision of the unit

Al-Zahraa University is a new university but since its inception, it aims to refine its orientation to community service, since it is a determined, constructive institution, not a profit-making institution, following the path of the Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them, to have a leading role nationally and regionally.


1- Achieving the link between the university and society through the establishment of training courses to update and develop information and knowledge of modern frameworks operating in state institutions and departments and civil society organizations.

2- Opening up to Iraqi and international universities, exchanging experiences and cultures in the various fields of education, and benefiting from their experiences and transferring them to the Iraqi society.

3- Conducting field visits by the volunteer work team to diagnose and meet the needs and conduct an intensive study to solve the problem of these needs in cooperation with specialized professors and work to involve the students in these activities for the purpose of cultivating the spirit of cooperation and assistance and clarifying the role of the university, which does not depend on the educational aspect only, but also the humanitarian aspect.

4- Building a basic foundation for the university that stems from the principle of community support by continuing to define the goal of this unit in the field of joint teamwork aimed at refining all aspects of the permanent work of community institutions through the university taking over modern training programs in the medical, scientific, educational and humanitarian fields.

Message of the unit

Because of faith of Al-Zahraa University for women in the endless supply of the civilization of Mesopotamia in the human and social supply since ancient times and throughout the ages, so this esteemed university dedicates all its goals and pours them into the service of the community in order to advance the sustainable development of the various societal groups.

Services provided

1- Forming a voluntary medical team by the students to provide medical services during religious occasions and during the need of hospitals in emergency conditions to supply these hospitals with our medical and health staff, as we worked hard to train this team on the foundations of nursing and first aid. Based on the principle of good and evil and moral rectification, and we will work on an invitation that is general for various female groups to join this project in the service of the public interest and spread the teachings of the wise Quran as it is the basic constitution for the good of society.
2- Forming a voluntary team whose mission is to provide moral and financial support to needy community institutions, including homes for the elderly, homes for people with special needs, and even children with incurable diseases, and to provide them with a helping hand.

3- The great tendency to establish an advanced research center concerned with providing all research services in terms of advanced medical supplies and devices under the supervision of a specialized staff with experience in various fields of science.

4- Establishing the Quranic project for teaching and memorizing the Holy Quran according to the directives of His Eminence Al-Mutawali Al-Sharii (his honor lasting). It was called the Noor Al-Zahraa project for memorizing the Noble Quran, the main objective of which is to educate students and increase their awareness about the teachings of the Glorious Quran.

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