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University of Al-Zahraa's for women campus:

About the campus

Al-Zahra University for women is distinguished
With a single university campus and is uniquely different from the rest of the universities, the structure of the university reflects the finest art in the form of architecture which consists of a blend of modern architecture and traditional islamic elements,this makes it one of the most outstanding and aesthetically remarkable educational structures gaining popularity and appreciation in Iraq and internationally.

The campus consists of:-

Smart Classrooms and equipped laboratories

Smart classrooms:

The smart classrooms are extensively designed and built in accordance with the latest technology and consist of one most advanced teaching learning tools. There are about 64 classrooms in the entire premises of the university.


The university apart from owning smart classrooms also boasts of a number of laboratories equipped with the latest advanced equipment specific to research and development in different subjects.
There are seven laboratories in the university:
– Media: 2
– Computers and information and technology: 2
– Scientific laboratories: 3

1- Computer Labs

2- Scientific laboratories

The university has a library that occupies an area of 1,000 square meters on the first floor and is distinguished by the fact that it takes two parts of the content: the virtual library and the real one, as it contains thousands of titles and a large number of scientific and cognitive disciplines. It has also created many memoranda of cooperation between a number of universities and supplemented them with everything that can be presented and benefited from. It is also working on launching the electronic library, which facilitates the students from inside and outside the university to access a large number of sources. Also, what distinguishes the library is the existence of the principle of internal and external borrowing, and it is not limited to female students. It only has it, but it can accommodate approximately (250) equipped seats.
The university has two on-campus buildings known as the internal departments, each of which accommodates two hundred students, and it has distinct specifications with the availability of all amenities.
Umm Abiha Hall or the central auditorium of the university which represents a fusion of a rich Islamic artistic heritage with contemporary forms and styles.
The university building also contains resting places distributed on the respective four floors of the building and there are (14) places equipped with a number of (160)
The university has a Cafeteria located in the basement of the building with an area of 1,000 square meters, equipped with 400 seats and integrated dining tables. An ideal and aesthetic place to relax and get refreshed.
There are many exclusively designed green spaces that are built at specifically chosen areas of the university premises including the foreground and between its corridors, and they are decorated with many unique plants in aesthetic pots providing a calm environment and adding to the overall structural beauty of the campus.

University Mosque

The mosque occupies an area of three hundred meters in the university campus and can accommodate approximately two hundred and fifty worshipers, it breathes the islamic architecture infused with modern elements.
The development of the university relies on managing and taking care of every detail, small and large, consisting of the advanced system for extinguishing fires, surveillance cameras, air conditioners and others with international standards and specifications.
The university campus offers a large and massive area for parking that can accommodate approximately one hundred vehicles of different sizes.
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