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Department for Diwan Affairs

Welcome to the Department of Diwan Affairs

About the department

Activation of the department's work began on 11/5/2021, in the name of (Diwan Affairs Department), where the Engineer Shehab Ahmed Omran Al-Sharifi took over the duties of this department.
It is one of the important departments in the university, and it is directly linked to the assistant president of the university for administrative affairs, as this department holds a special importance and a vital role, since it provides it with all the needs of basic services, where many aspects of the university’s life can be found in the Department of Diwan Affairs. And the department’s achievements reach all the departments of the university presidency, its faculties and centers and to all its members and students.


Providing the best services (technical, service, agricultural, and transportation) for the students and the university staff in order to provide an educational and research environment that stimulates creativity and development.


Leadership and distinction in providing an appropriate university environment for the students to compete with other public and private universities and to obtain the highest positions by providing all comfort services and a healthy environment to practice their university life.

Objectives of the department

  • Access to provide the best services and high quality in terms of a clean and healthy environment.
  • Overcoming all difficulties and integrating work through specialized workshops to raise the expertise of the technical staff and provide the necessary tools to complete the department's work.
  • Reaching self-sufficiency and perpetuating the work of mechanisms and benefiting from them to serve all university formations.
  • With regard to the agricultural area, cultivating all areas of the university to provide green spaces for the convenience of the student.

Department tasks and duties

  • Formulating future plans and programs for the department's work.
  • Examine the department's incoming mail and forward it to the relevant divisions.
  • Formulating and printing internal and external official letters.
  • Conducting field visits to all colleges and departments to follow up on work mechanisms*
  • Identifying shortcomings and finding urgent solutions to them
  • Follow up the work of the division's units, the work of the employees, and the distribution of tasks

Organizational structure

This department has recently witnessed great developments in terms of capabilities and organization. It consists of several divisions and units, which are as follows: -

  • First: - Maintenance and Services Division

    Mrs. (Alia Hussein Thamer Al-Nasrawi) is responsible for this division. This division receives the department's mail, records it and sorts it according to the place it is came from and sent to it. The main works of this division are the electrical works like laying power lines and electrical installations and the periodic maintenance of lighting for the university presidency and its corridors. It is responsible for the tasks of maintaining all the generators of the university of various sizes and capacities periodically according to the working hours. It also undertakes the tasks of installing, maintaining and rehabilitating all cooling devices. It performs the tasks of removing waste from colleges, buildings and internal streets on a daily basis, cleaning the halls of the university, and it performs the tasks of operating drinking and irrigation water pumping stations, and maintenance of water transmission pipes to all university buildings and gardens, as well as conducting inspections on damaged buildings and preparing speculative statements for maintenance purposes.

    Services Unit
    A - Men's Services Unit
    B - Women's Services Unit

    Maintenance unit
    A - Electrical maintenance
    B - Sanitary maintenance
    C - Mechanical maintenance.
    D - Civil maintenance
    E - Generators

  • Second: - Division of Mechanisms and Transportation

    This division provides the buses that belong to the presidency of the university to transfer the students and the employees, performing the duties inside and outside the university site, also daily and periodic maintenance on all wheels alternately, for the purpose of repairing and maintaining them to extend their life, as well as receiving and delivering the wheels from the university presidency to the colleges and vice versa, issuing the authorization to drive the wheels, distributing service mechanisms in the university centers and how they work, drawing the mechanism for transporting students and employees and their path, and following up on traffic transactions.
    The units of the Division of Mechanisms and Transport are:
    A - Unit of movement and transport
    B - Unit of mechanisms

  • Third: The Agricultural Division

    This division maintains the gardens on a daily and periodic basis, including cutting the grass, planting flowers and trees, cleaning trees, planting palm trees, following-up with the watering, and cleaning the private gardens of the university’s presidency and its corridors. It also uses specialized agricultural mechanisms and contributes to afforestation and planting plants in the university gardens, as well as decorating and perpetuating the central refuges.
    The units of the Agricultural Division are
    A - Afforestation unit
    B - Gardens Unit

  • Fourth: Technical Workshops Division

    This section has not been activated because there is not enough staff in the department, and its work has not been described yet.

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