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Department for Internal Affairs

Welcome to the department of Internal Affairs

Word of the head of the department

The internal departments are considered one of the most important indicators of progress in higher education and scientific research, because the better the services and the required supplies, needed for a comfortable life and suitable for the development that has occurred recently, are, the more the student can concentrate completely on his academic and creative tasks. Therefore, Al-Zahraa University is keen to make the internal departments a distinctive and suitable environment with modern specifications so that the students feel relaxed and comfortable living there. for the student’s psychological comfort when living there. Everyone is working hard so that the services of the internal departments are excellent. In conclusion, we sincerely pray for the success and repayment for our students in their scientific career and Allah is the arbiter of success.

Message of the university

The main message of the Department of Internal Affairs is to create the appropriate atmosphere for the students to create an alternative home for them to reduce the difficulties of the students living far away from their city, as well as to provide an appropriate atmosphere to devote themselves to study and excel.

Vision of the department

The Internal Departments Affairs / Al-Zahraa University is one of the distinguished internal departments in Iraq, as the internal departments seek to make the student housing complexes inside the university a model to be followed by other universities.

Objectives of the department

  • The Internal Departments Affairs seeks to provide an appropriate psychological and scientific atmosphere for its students.
  • Preparing the appropriate administrative employees necessary for its management.
  • Helping the students to overcome their problems through direct (with the student) and indirect (through lectures) counseling through cooperation with the Psychological and Educational Counseling Unit.

  • Paying attention to the activities of the students and to encouraging them to continue creativity and innovation.

  • Providing adequate housing with modern international specifications.

  • Building the students’ personality through coexistence with their colleagues despite their different personalities, to encourage learning and exchanging opinions and decisions.

Activities of the department

  • Reviving religious rituals and national occasions by the students in cooperation with all university departments that need them.
  • Student participation in local and international competitions.

  • Running competitions and promotional programs for students.

  • Recreate recreational outings for the students to promote them.

  • Participation of the students in festivals of the university and other universities.

  • Let students enter weekly guidance and entertainment lectures.

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