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Center Description:
The research center carries out scientific research operations under the name of Al-Zahra (peace be upon her) Center for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research. It is affiliated with Al-Zahraa University for Women. The center is supervised by the president of the university and operates the investment system. It is interested in investing in the fields of scientific research as it puts to good use Iraqi and international human resources and provides support to innovations and scientific research and its investment in accordance with the system for promoting research centers in the Republic of Iraq. The project is lays emphasis on building mental capabilities. The project is carried out under the supervision and support of the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein and is characterized by accuracy and strict adherence to the standards of scientific research and scientific ethics.
It is envisioned for the center to be one of the most important scientific, study, advisory and applied references in the region for researchers distinguished by their competence and experience, reinforced by modern scientific concepts using the latest modern technologies in the field of specialization.
The center is directed to set up traditions of scientific research and consultation in accordance with the principles of research and study that are recognized academically and globally. It is aimed at creating a scientific and advisory space for researchers to interact positively with the challenges of the times, contributing to the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the service of society and sustainable development, and harnessing scientific research in their service through communication and cooperation in cooperation with Iraqi and international research and academic institutes and centers.

1- Completing research, consulting studies, reports, and working papers at the request of government or private departments, university institutions, or the business sector from inside Iraq and abroad.

2- Issuing an annual report for the center on regional and international developments and the prominent and influential scientific events that took place during the year.

3- Organizing national, regional and international scientific conferences and seminars on scientific interests that fall within the center’s research fields.

4- Cooperating with research centers and institutes inside and outside Iraq and raising the level of research by providing modern scientific publications to researchers.

5- Institutional supervision of the research and study of postgraduate students wishing to complete their scientific research.

6- Contributing to understanding and solving the problems faced by government institutions, civil society organizations, and the business sector according to the center’s areas of specialization.

7- Using applied research in creating pioneering projects and providing applied advice to institutions of the Holy Imam Hussein Shrine in the center’s specialized fields.

8- The Center seeks to assume a prominent position among global research centers through the Center’s mission in accordance with the strategies it seeks for the sake of scientific knowledge and its excellence.

The center’s areas of work:
Al-Zahraa Center for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center works to ensure that its scientific services and fields of research and studies are compatible with the needs of society and the public and private sectors. The most important services provided by the center are as follows:

1- Scientific consultations
2- Exchange of scientific visits and scientific training for the benefit of researchers.
3- Applied specialized studies and research.
4- Specialized events (conferences, forums, seminars, seminars, etc.).
5- Community service.
6- Management and supervision of consulting and development projects.
8- Strategic planning and applied planning for research, setting systems, regulations and specialized scientific policies for projects and professional work ethics.
9- Designing work models and applied operation for applied research.
9- Building management and supervising the implementation and application of the outputs of consulting research projects and transforming them into strategic culture and comprehensive images of scientific research and scientific projects.
10- Realistic applied executive programs.
11- Qualification, development and planning for the application of quality systems and scientific accreditation and institutional improvement models in areas of specialization.
12- Entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises.
13- Business and project development in the field of specialization.

Studies and research
1- Carrying out applied scientific research.
2- Conducting field research and studies.
3- Management of pioneering projects.
4- Consulting research in the field of specialization and solid scientific publishing.

Message from the center director
Al-Zahraa Center for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research was opened pursuant to Ministerial Order No. 8/7344 on 9/10/2023 and affiliated with Al-Zahraa University for Women.
It is concerned with supporting innovations and scientific research and building the applied mental and scientific advisory capabilities of researchers according to a precise system characterized by accuracy and strict adherence to the standards of scientific research and scientific ethics.

Prof.Dr. Nadhir Najim Abdullah Jafer

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