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Al-Zahraa University (peace be upon her) for Women participates in the Ain Al-Hayat festival.

Al-Zahraa University (peace be upon her) for Women participated in the (Ain Al-Hayat) festival, which was held by Al-Qabas Foundation for Culture and Development under the slogan (And we will see it soon), on Friday corresponding to 3/10/2023, on the grounds of the International Baghdad Fair.
The presence was represented by the president of Al-Zahraa University (peace be upon her) for Women, Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani, Head of the English Department, Dr. Wafaa Al-Sahn, the Director of the Electronic Calculator Department, Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Maali, the Director of Public Relations, Dr. Wissam Ali Hussein, the Official of the Central Library Department, Mrs. Hanan Farouk, the staff of Media and Public Relations Department, and a group of female students.
The participation included presenting some scientific and specialized books on the life of Lady Al-Zahraa (peace be upon her), rare books in the medical field, presentation of introductory videos about the University and its outstanding scientific and administrative staff, as well as presenting promotional bag and gifts to the visitors who come to private side of the University with the aim of introducing them to the first University in Iraq for Women.
The first day witnessed a joyful ceremony that included several paragraphs, including: the institution’s welcome speech said by: Dr. Haider Al-Jizani, the speech of the two Holy Shrines said by: The legal custodian of the al-Abbas’s Holy Shrine (peace be upon him) , Mr. Ahmed AL-Safi (his eminence), the speech of the Diwan of the Shiite Endowment, said by : Dr. Ihsan Jaafar, in addition to reciting popular and eloquent poetry and religious incantations
It is worth noting that many departments of the Holy Shrine of Al-Hussainiya participated in the exhibition, including: Al-Wareth University(peace be upon him), Al-Sibteen University(peace be upon them), Dar Al-Quran, Nassim Al-Wareth Company, and Dar Al-Wareth for Printing and Publishing.

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