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Central conference hall

It displays the core objective of the project, and holds a significant space in the project. It is designed in a contemporary style to hold scientific and cultural conferences and competitions, both local and international, as it contains professional sound, display and lighting systems and is supported by an output and control room above the stage which has a huge electronic display in the middle, and a translator’s room used during International seminars. The common conference hall accommodates more than 500 people and is designed on two seating levels and is constructed with a metal structure covered with wood and carpet, while the walls are acoustically insulated and coated with perforated wood and laser-cut engraved with distinctive Islamic motifs, crowned with Quranic verses and lined with sound-absorbing fabric. The hall is 20 meters high, 11 meters wide and 30 meters long.
Address/ Karbala _ Baghdad Road opposite pole No. (70)
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