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Commencement of  the  holy year of the Islamic calendar

Commencement of  the  holy year of the Islamic calendar with the month of utmost significance Muharram -ul – Haram while commemorating the tragedy of Karbala and the story of grief about the atrocities suffered by  Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) in the presence of a delegation from the Holy Husseiniya shrine, Al-Zahra University for women  and the Youth Care Center held a ceremony to hoist  the flag (the torch bearer) of utter grief and condolence  over the university building on Saturday followed by hoisting it in The Umme Abiha hall (auditorium of the university). The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, which was recited by the reciter( Ahmad Al-Rumaikhani) preceded by a sincere mourning prayer for the  souls of the martyrs by reciting Surah Al-Fatihah.

It was followed by a speech for the presidency of Al-Zahra University for women delivered by the Assistant President of Al-Zahra University for scientific affairs( Prof. Dr. Zuhair Muhammad Ali Al-Asadi), where he offered verses of condolence to the attendees and denounced, in the name of the university, the condemnation of  the Holy Qur’an and emphasized upon a sincere  adherence to it , the speech was followed another speech delivered by one of the  officials from the Youth Welfare Center Of the Holy Husseiniya Shrine ( Mr. Ahmed Shams Al-Din), in which he spoke about the importance of religious activities that commemorate The sacred rituals of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and the necessity of adhering to the values for which the grandson of the Messenger of Allah  and his supporters were martyred.


Towards the end of the ceremony Mrs. Ruqayyah Taj recited a few couplets in the form of prose lamenting upon the grievances and tragedy of Imam Hussain (as) and Ahl – Al – Bayt (pbuh) followed by the recitation of  Elegy  by the Hussainiya  Holy Shrine Singing Ensemble.


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