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Department of Arabic Language organizes a graduation research discussion for the fourth-year female students.

Within a sober scientific atmosphere, College of Education / Department of Arabic Language of Al-Zahraa University for Women held a discussion of graduation research for the fourth year female students for the academic year 2022/2023. It witnessed the presence of the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women: Pro.Dr. Zainab Al-Sultani , Dean of College of Education : Pro.Dr. Iman Bhia , on Wednesday corresponding to (10/5/2023) .
In this regard, the Head of Arabic Language Department: Dr. Huda Al- Ameedi said that the largest number of addresses the graduation research derived from the texts of Ahlal-Bayt (pbut) . This was under the guidance of the President of University who praised the efforts made inside the department to graduate the first batch of Arabic Language Department.

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