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Department of Campus Guards and Security

Welcome of Department of University Campus Guards

Department's message and vision

Providing maximum security, stability, and protection for the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women, the deans of colleges, administration and teaching staff, female students, a delegation, distinguished visitors inside the university's campus. The department also ensures on safety, fire prevention and public safety.  

Department's aims

1-Achieving security, stability and protection for Educational Institution.
2-Electronical Monitoring System is operating by putting a surveillance camera on all buildings' university and monitored them continuously in surveillance and cameras room that is related for us.
3-The Department is coordinates with security services in Karbala city.
4-Providing protection for all celebrations and festivals that held at the university as well as organizing them.
5-Receiving visitors and delegations during festivals, in addition to doing tours with them.
6-The department records the entry and exit of the female students of Internal Departments.
7-Fire control, complete the protection requirements, safety, Civil Defense, using modern technological means by providing fire sensing systems, early warning and using modern means of putting out fires.

Divisions and Units of Department of University Campus Guards

1-Recepition Division: It is responsible for entering the female students, investigating them and organizing the auditor's entry.
2-Lost and Found Unit: It is responsible for receiving and giving in lost items for their owner.
3-Guard Follow-up Division: It is responsible for following-up the guard staff, supervising the audience, leaving, emphasizing on commitment to duty and being careful.
4-The ID Cards and Authorizations Division: It is responsible for issuing entry tickets for cars belonging to teachers and employees, and issuing identities for employee students. Female and
5-Civil Defense Division: It is responsible for providing the safety and civil defense requirements in the university and colleges that related to the university and organizing civil defense courses for teachers, employee and female students to spread awareness regarding safety and security requirements.

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