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Discussion to enhance scientific and academic cooperation

After holding a number of memorandums of mutual understanding,Karbala university hosts a discussion to enhance scientific and academic cooperation with Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women, and to advance the educational and research process, and according to the final agreement made between the two parties, a delegation of professors from the Department of English Language College of Education visited The Karbala University on Sunday afternoon 10-16-2022 to learn about the mechanism and process about the application for students of the fourth stage in schools and the required forms.
The delegation was received by the Dean of the College of Education for Human Sciences at Karbala University, Prof. Dr. Hassan Habib Al-Kuraiti, the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Hussein, the Head of the English Language Department, Assistant Professor Dr. Tawfiq Majid Ahmed, and a number of professors from the Department of the English Language.

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