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On the commencement of the new academic year and the demand of fourth-stage students to write graduation research, the College of Health and Medical Technologies held an educational course.

The College of Health and Medical Technologies, Department of Radiology and Sonar Technologies, held a specialized educational course for fourth-year students.
The course that was led by the lecturers (M. M. Rania Mahmoud) and (M. M. Abrar Abbas) dealt with how to work on the programs for arranging sources and references,Endnote and Mendeley because these programs will eventually help manage and organize references for the research undertaken and help in conducting out documentation and citation according to the reference pattern chosen by the researcher.
The workshop explained the advantages these programs extended to the students.
In the ease of creating new references and using them in different files, and automatically creating a list of references at the end of the Word file, as well as creating groups and more than one library of references, classifying them and providing them with the required keywords, etc.

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