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Important Announcement

Launching the application channel for the free grant in medical specialties *
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the launch of the application channel for the free grant for the medical group specialties in private universities and colleges for the academic year 2022-2023.
The rules for applying to the free scholarship specified that the student should be a graduate of the biological branch for the first or second cycles within the current academic year, and that the required percentage for application and competition to general medicine should not be less than 95% and not less than 93% for dentistry and pharmacy.
The Department of Private University Education indicated that the application channel for the free scholarship appears automatically in the main interface of the account of the included students, while the applicant is allowed to register four options within the form that will be available for ten days via the electronic portal (
*Department of Relations and Information*
*Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research*
*26 October 2022*
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