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In an effort to increase cooperation frameworks between Al-Zahra University for women and The Mosul University

The General Secretariat of the Holy Husseiniya Shrine confirmed (350) titles from various books and sources to the University of Mosul, along with a letter of thanks and appreciation to the President of the University (Professor Qusai Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi).
During the visit of the university delegates that included the President of the University (Professor Dr. Mrs. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani), Dean of the College of Education (Professor Dr. Iman Samir Bahiyeh) and the Chairman of the Public Relations Committee (Dr. Diaa Al-Tamimi) The delegation attended a scientific conference organized by Mosul university entitled (Education for Peacebuilding) in the presence of known academic and scientific figures from various Iraqi universities.
Dr. Al-Sultani affirmed by stating that : All the thanks and appreciation is under the directives of His Eminence, the legal guardian of the Holy Husainia Shrine (may his glory be long) to the University of Mosul as a response to the President of the University (Al-Ahmadi) and in appreciation of his efforts and cooperation with Al-Zahra University with the aim of increasing the frameworks of cooperation between the two universities and what leads to To the development of the scientific reality in the country, noting that the University of Mosul had previously donated (1,400) book titles to the Central Library of Al-Zahra University according to a memorandum of understanding held by the two universities earlier last year.

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