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In honor of its role in supporting research aspects, the representative of the Prime Minister, Minister of Higher Education and National Security Adviser honor Al-Zahra University, within the activities of the Fourth International Conference on Geographical Systems

Within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s endeavor to support and enhance the participation of Universities in the research process in the country, the presidency of Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for Women participated, represented by the university’s president (Professor Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani) as a member of the local advisory committee for the Fourth International Conference on Systems Geographical information and smart cities, with reference to the importance of using technology in all security, educational, economic and all urban.
The conference, organized by the National Security Adviser, carried the slogan (Geospatial Technologies and Smart Cities) as the most important pillars for the advancement of the Iraqi reality, and one of its most important objectives is to enhance reliance on information technology and the use of technology in building and developing societies.
Mrs. Al-Sultani indicated that “building smart cities and advancing the pace of reconstruction in them can only be done by adopting new sciences and the fields available in them through the exchange of experiences between local and international universities, as well as the trend to create a scientific department specialized in (GIS) to give women the opportunity to research in this field.” technology field.
The University’s participation concluded with honoring the President of Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) with a certificate of appreciation from His Excellency the National Security Adviser.

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