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Language is a means of creativity: The third scientific and cultural festival of the English Language Department.

Based on the keenness of Al-Zahraa University for Women to invest the talents of female students and develop their abilities in cultural and scientific activities and under the slogan: (Language is a means of creativity), English Language Department held a scientific and cultural festival in its third edition, on Sunday corresponding to 3/12/2023, for a period of three days on the rehab of Im Abiaha Hall.
On the first day, the president of Al-Zahraa University for Women : Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani , Vice President for Administrative Affairs: Prof. Hamed Ibrahim Al-Tamimi, Dean of the College of Education: Prof. Dr. Iman Bahia, Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies: Prof. Dr. Hassan Hadi Al-Qazzaz, Head of the English Language Department: Dr. Wafaa Abbas Sahn, a group of teaching staff and a group of female students attended the festival.
The festival started with verses from the Holy Quran, then a stand of honor for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, with the national anthem playing.
Then, a speech of the Dean of the College of Education: Prof. Dr. Iman Baheya follow them. This was followed by a presentation of a visual report about the English Language Department prepared by Media and Puplic Relations Department. Then, a speech by the Head of the English Department, Dr. Wafaa Shan followed. This was followed by a theatrical show entitled: ‘’The Era of Apps’’, which was prepared and acted by some of the department’s students.
Then, a song in English entitled: ‘’Something just like this’’ which it presented by some of the department’s students . After that, Dr. Yasser Budaiwi ascended the platform to give a lecture entitled:’’ I Can’’.
It was followed by a guessing game about abbreviations in English presented by two female students, then, a theatrical performance entitled: ‘’Hamlet: the prince of Denmark’’ followed it.
The festival concluded by honoring the winners of the poetry, story and creative writing competition.
On the second day, a scientific debate between the students of English Language Department with their counterparts from Kufa University, Karbala University and College of Imam Al-Kadhim / Hilla Branch was held.
On the sidelines of the festival, an exhibition of painting, handicrafts, art projects and others was held.

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