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Measurement of Radon-222 Concentrations in Selected Soil Samples in Al-Mothafeen Area (Kerbala, Iraq) by Using the CN-85 Detector

In this work, alpha emitters in the twenty soil samples in Al-Mothafeen sites were measured using the CN-85 detectors. The results show that the average values of radon concentration in the air space of the tube and in the sample were 163.15±3.37 Bq/m3 and 5090.54±155.3 Bq/m3, respectively, while the results of annual effective dose were varied from 10.2±0.3 mSv/y to 2.1±0.1 mSv/y with a mean value of 4.1±0.2 mSv/y, radium content were varied from 0.3±0.06 Bq/kg-1 to 0.06±0.02 Bq/kg with a mean value of 0.12±0.03 Bq/kg, and uranium contractions were varied from 9.29±0.33 Bq/kg to 1.90±0.15 Bq/kg with an average of 3.72±0.21 Bq/kg. Also, the average values of mass and surface exhalation rates were 0.95±8.64 mBq/kg.h and 44.59±0.79 mBq/m2.h, respectively. The results were within the normal limits of radiation, according to the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).

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