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Mind map: “a training workshop held by the Arabic Language Department”

Based on the importance of developing the students’ mental, cognitive skills and abilities. The Department of Arabic Language / College of Education at Al-Zahraa University (peace be upon her) for Women held a training workshop entitled: (Mind map), which was presented by: Dr. Amal Abdel Rahim Jumaa, on Monday corresponding to 3/13/2023, in the hall of the Arabic Language Department.
The workshop included identifying the concepts of mind maps, their origins and uses, as well as their usefulness, application, and training the students on the mechanism of the work and how they work.The procedural aspect was present, as the students drew groups of mind maps according to their orientations and needs . A group of websites that adopt electronic mental mapping in a professional manner were presented with a great interaction shown by the students in applying this graphic technique of their coming days.

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