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Speech delivered by the legitimate representative of the Holy Shrine of Al-Hussainiya at the closing ceremony of the second Kawthar Al-Asmah International Cultural Festival.

The legal guardian of the Holy Hussain Shrine, Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbalai (may his glory last) emphasized while delivering his words of wisdom on “the need to establish the Fatimid Association that is concerned with academic and cultural affairs in general, and that an entire structure, tasks, objectives be established for it in which the teacher is trained before the student, it should be regarded as an important part of student’s affairs,the interest of which lies not only in the cultural aspect, but also in the psychological, cognitive and religious aspects and which will eventually lead in creating integrated personalities among the students. His eminence further discussed “the repercussions and effects that the festival should leave on the personality of every student, every professor, and women in general, and that this event should create awareness and a positive impact on all the other educational institutions of Iraq specifically on the lives of common women.

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