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The College of Pharmacy at Al Zahra University for women, holds a practical workshop entitled “Blood Typing Examination .”

The College of Pharmacy at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women held a training workshop entitled
(Blood Typing Examination),in an aim to spread awareness of the importance of determining the blood type in order to ensure the risks resulting from blood transfusion in the event of accidents, as well as determining the type of factor that controls the blood type in anticipation of the occurrence of premature birth or death of the fetus due to the difference in the type of factor between the mother and the child.

The workshop targeted several axes, the most important of which was an introduction to the importance of knowing the blood type and clarifying the dangers of the difference between the blood type of the pregnant mother and the unborn child in order to prevent the occurrence of premature births or miscarriage of fetuses, as well as knowing the blood type according to the ABO system.It also dealt with practical skills of how to conduct a blood group test and analyze the results of the blood type examination using the ABO system. Furthermore it emphasized upon knowing the blood type by the Rh factor system and analyzing the results of the blood group examination by the Rh factor system, the workshop also witnessed a practical application session for the participants.

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