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The Dean of the College of Education congratulates the graduated students of Al-Zahra University for Women.

The Dean of the College of Education: Prof. Dr. Iman Samir Bahia presented congratulations to the graduated female students of the College of Education / Al-Zahraa University for Women, in its departments, which are: (The Department of Arabic Language, Department of English Language and Department of Mathmatics.
And, she said in the congratulations, on behalf of all the college professors: (I extend my warmest congratulations and best wishes for success to the female students of the fourth stage in the College of Education at Al-Zahraa University on the occasion of their graduation).
She also added to the graduated female students: (We are assured that you will represent the college and the university in the community and remain good ambassadors for the college by enriching everyone around you. After graduation, you will enter society and embark on your professional career. I recommend that you always remember the fatigue of studying, which is a reason to serve the community and improve the quality of education in Iraq with diligence, honesty and integrity.
She also extended her special thanks to parents, husbands, fathers, and friends of our graduated female students for their patience, understanding, sacrifices, and material and moral support during the four studying years for our dear female students. And I tell them that you have reaped the pride of our graduated female students. .
In the coming years, do not forget to tell us about your good successes and achievements in your career that we should be proud of it.
Congratulations again on your graduation. The College of Education family is proud of you.

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