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The Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance plays pivotal roles

The Psychological Guidance and Educational Counseling Division plays a central role in Al-Zahraa University for Women. It sought to value behavior and correct the intellectual path as well as solving problems or reduce their severity. The female students intended the division to talk about their psychological and social problems, as well as taking advice and counsel in an environment that enjoys complete privacy.
We met with administration staff in this division, in which, the Lady Zainab Al-Hussaini told us that Division of Psychological Guidance and Educational Consulting had many tasks including the issue of university uniform. Its concepts launched according to instructions of Holy Al-Hussaini Shrine and the President of Al-Zahraa University for Women:Prof.Dr. Zainab Mulla Al-Sultani . In fact, the uniform is assumed in the most international universities and it is a sign development and civilization of.

The division also provides a range of consultations that concern the female student at the personal and university levels, including those related to psychological anxiety, exam stress, family and marital problems, and raising children. Since some of the female students are married, we have in the division (A case record), in which we take into account confidentiality.

Also, Mrs. Aseel Hassan stated: “Among our tasks is organized a group of lectures choosing their topics carefully and we perform them in a way that keeps up with the times, such as friendship, self-confidence, bullying, emotional intelligence, self-concept, body language, and positive thinking”. We try to communicate that in an easy to understand and indirect manner. We also invest in the religious aspect to enrich Presented ideas. the

For her part, Eng. Shahd Ahmed believes that counseling is a method and behavior that we use with female students, in order to bring them to psychological and social peace. As for educational guidance, it aims to build an intellectual and moral path that based on conviction and thus application in practical life.

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