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The English Language Department holds a scientific symposium on “Critical Stylistics”

The College of Education/Department of English Language at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women held a scientific symposium entitled: Critical Stylistics: An Approach to Ideological Implication, on Tuesday, 1/24/2023, at 9:30 am, at  The Umm Abiha Hall. 

The scientific symposium was managed by: M. Dr.. Wafaa Abbas Sahn/ Head of the English Language Department at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her). She delivered a brief lecture on “ Prioritizing and ideological Manifestations: A Critical stylistic View”, which  was followed by a speech from Prof. Azhar Hassan Salumi / University of Karbala who talked about (Critical Stylistics and Critical Discourse Analysis as Basic Critical Approaches in Linguistics). Ali Hussein Abdul-Amir / University of Karbala, further addressed 🙁 Critical Stylistics: Ideology and Naturalization in Both Literary and Non-Literary Texts).

The symposium was attended by: Prof. Dr. Eman Baheya/ Dean of the College of Education, and Dr. Muhammad Kazem Al-Mamouri / Associate Dean of the College of Education for Scientific Affairs, faculty members from the English Language Department and a group of female students.

The symposium dealt with the most prominent axes of critical stylistics as an approach to analyzing hidden ideologies in texts from the structural side of the text.

The symposium concluded with receiving the interventions and questions from the attendees, and the Dean of the College of Education graced the occasion by honoring the contributors to the symposium with Certificates of  Appreciation.

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