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Words of Empowerment

The English Department aims to hold a competition in the art of public speaking and recitation for the department’s students at all stages. The aim of this activity is to spread a purposeful message among the students’ classes to enhance the skill of speaking and presenting in the English language, develop expressive abilities, and enhance self-confidence.
Those who wish to participate should take the following points into consideration:
1- The student should share a success or struggle story inspired by her personal life.
2- Writing her story in the English language exclusively in the form of a Word file, not exceeding 7 pages, with the name and stage mentioned at the beginning of the file.
3- The last date for delivery will be 11/1/2022.
4- The most influential stories shall be chosen by the jury and the selected participants will be further trained in the art of delivering a biography on the stage.
If you are passionate enough and desire to actively participate and perform in the vocal competition you can send your work to the following email:

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