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A delegation from the Student Activities Department visits Media Center for Women and Children

As part of its endeavor to open horizons of joint cooperation between the various departments of the Holy Imam Hussain Shrine and transfer experiences to female university students, a delegation from the Department of Student Activities at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women headed by the head of the department (Mrs. M. M.,  Jinan Al-Wazani) visited the Media Center for  Women and Children that is also affiliated with the Media Department at the Holy Imam Hussein Shrine, the delegation was  received by the head of the center (Media center for women and children), Mrs. Iman Kazem, on Tuesday (9/19/2023).

The meeting discussed about the importance of identifying and ways to solve the obstacles that occurred in the previous academic year, as well as agreeing on a new course curriculum.
Edited by: Ruqaya Muhammad

Translated by: M.M Arwa Ahmed Husain

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