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Delegations from “The Quranic Centre”, visits Al Zahra University for women.

Al Zahra University for women steadfast in its belief of Quran been its ultimate curriculum. In order to create a Qur’anic community of female students, guiding them and illuminating them in the light of   the Holy Qur’an, and under the slogan “Be Rihanna,” Al-Zahra University for Girls, in cooperation with the Holy Qur’an House of the Holy Imam Hussein Shrine, announced an update Quranic memorization project at the university with the start of the new academic year.

This comes after a visit by a delegation from the Holy Qur’an House of the Holy Shrine of Hussein, represented by the head of the Women’s Division in the house, Mrs. Amal Al-Mutawri, to the university. The visit aimed to develop the Qur’anic project, delve into its future details, and present new proposals that would activate the role of the Holy Qur’an and memorize it as a method. And a mentor for our university students.
For her part, the head of the Student Activities Department at the university, Mrs. Jinan Al-Wazani, said that under the guidance of the presidency of Al-Zahra University for girls, the department has begun its preparations to complete the university’s Qur’anic project and develop development plans for the project to encourage female students to memorize and become closer to the Qur’an in upholding the word of God Almighty, adding The project was well received and welcomed by the female students in planting the first Qur’anic seeds in their souls.

Edited by: Muhammad Diaa Al-Din.

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