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Al-Zahra University, for women organizes an awareness lecture on the topic “the challenges faced by Arab and Muslim youth in confronting Western ideas”.

The Department of Continuing Education, in cooperation with the Department of Student Activities and the Women’s Empowerment Unit at Al-Zahra University, held an awareness lecture for the female students entitled (The Challenges faced by the Arab and Muslim Youth in Confronting Western Ideas),presented by Dr. Hassan Muhammad Ibrahim, General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of the popular magazine ‘Echo of Science’, from the Lebanese Republic.The lecture consisted of the clarification of the common difficulties and challenges that Muslim women face in the West, and the methods and procedures they take to confront them, as well as how to overcome these obstacles.
It is worth noting that the lecture was highly interactive and students participated enthusiastically by asking their queries and getting them answered by His Excellency the Doctor, which contributed to the awareness of the attending students, which was the ultimate purpose of the lecture.

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