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Al Zahra university for women was built with an ultimate aim to uplift and empower women along with providing them optimum protection and safeguard.

“Women are fragile like glass, and hence should be treated with delicacy and tenderness”(Prophet Mohammed pbuh).

Al-Zahra University receives the students of Al-Sama School on a scientific visit. A number of female students from Al-Sama Preparatory School for Girls visited the university for a field cum scientific visit. They were accompanied by the head of the Student Activities Department, Mrs. Janan Al-Wazni. Al-Wazni explained to them a brief overview of the university, its branches, laboratories, and about the central library. Further she also emphasized upon the ultimate goals and objectives of the university and threw light upon the vision of its foundation and also elucidated upon the role of the Department of Students Activities and that the university aims at producing female cadres that are competent and efficient both intellectually and practically.

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